Kia hatches sporty wagon concept for Frankfurt Motor Show

Kia pulled the covers off a new unnamed concept car that will debut Sept. 12 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It's a sleek hatchback that previews Kia's direction for the next-generation Cee'd model sold in Europe. This concept is longer, sportier and has more of a sport wagon dynamic than the current Cee'd, which is a homely runabout for the Continent.

This concept was conceived at Kia's design center in Frankfurt, Germany, which sits 500 meters, or about 5½ football fields from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

No other details were immediately available, but Kia has a history of revealing striking concepts and using elements of them in production models. Kia has also increasingly mined its European design studio for top stylings as it elevates the profile of the brand globally.

Meanwhile, Kia will also show the Stonic small crossover in Frankfurt, a vehicle that's a sibling to the Hyundai Kona. IHS Markit, an automotive research firm, forecasts the Stonic will sell about 118,300 units — its peak level — in 2019 as Kia capitalizes on the compact utility trend.

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Many of the powertrain components, like the 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger and the DC-DC inverter, are all mounted on a big bracket that is sub-assembled and then lifted into place when building the van. The new Pacifica Hybrid will be made on the same.

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