BMW will show Mini EV concept at Frankfurt

A month ago, BMW announced that it would electrify all its brands and model lines, including the Mini hatchback. A forthcoming full-electric Mini will enter production in 2019 at the Mini plant in Oxford, England, where the production line would join a German-built electric drivetrain with a British-built body. BMW notes that this will happen exactly 60 years after the original Mini hit the streets.

As the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is upon us, BMW has introduced the concept version of the aforementioned electric Mini. The manufacturer says the color scheme chosen for the concept matches the previous electrified Mini, the experimental Mini E of 2008. That car was produced in a trial run of 600 units, and it provided BMW with valuable data as it was developing the i3 model, currently on the market.

The Mini Electric Concept is powered by a lithium-ion battery, but no numerical specifications or range figures have been announced. It will be interesting to see whether the driving fun inherent to Minis can be translated, as a battery electric vehicle will undoubtedly be heavier than a fossil-fuel hatchback. The closed front grille stands as testament for doing without pistons or a need for engine cooling.

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Many of the powertrain components, like the 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger and the DC-DC inverter, are all mounted on a big bracket that is sub-assembled and then lifted into place when building the van. The new Pacifica Hybrid will be made on the same.

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