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A Tesla pickup truck is coming. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn't revealed a lot of details about it, but back in April, he said we could expect it in "18 to 24 months," which would put the reveal somewhere around late 2018 or early 2019. In the meantime, other companies are taking initiative to unveil their own electric pickups. Workhorse is taking commercial orders for its W15 range extended electric work truck, and Havelaar unveiled its Bison EV pickup in Canada this spring. Most recently, Bollinger Motors took the wraps off its battery-powered B1 sport utility truck, which combines off-road utility with the efficiency of an electric powertrain. Now Tesla, it seems, has to play catch-up.

But what would a Tesla pickup look like? The electric automaker has made a name for itself by blending luxury with performance and cutting-edge technology, all things we'd expect in a truck offering, as well. These renderings from artist Andrei Avarvarii give us a glimpse of how Tesla pickup could look in the flesh.


Its front fascia blends a number of familiar Tesla features, and uses a similar grille design to that of the pre-facelift model S, though freshened up a bit with a livelier shape. The headlights are instantly recognizable and the hood is a macho take on the swoopier lids of the current Teslas. A rising beltline and big Turbine wheels give it a distinctively sporty look. The stamped tailgate and flared fenders give this otherwise mold-breaking truck a whiff of pickup traditionalism.

Of course, we'd expect a truck from Tesla to offer different battery capacities. It would also make sense for it to serve as a mobile power device, and we'd love to see electrical outlets in the bed and up in the frunk, where one would naturally store their (Tesla branded?) power tools.



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Many of the powertrain components, like the 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger and the DC-DC inverter, are all mounted on a big bracket that is sub-assembled and then lifted into place when building the van. The new Pacifica Hybrid will be made on the same.

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