Mercedes teases Concept EQ A electric car again

Mercedes-Benz will be showing a number of vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show, one of which will be an electric vehicle representing the German automaker's EQ sub-brand. The Concept EQ A, as it is called, has already shown up in a previous teaser from Mercedes, with lighting elements in its fascia glowing with the rest of the car obscured. Tonight, we're seeing the EQ A teased again, this time as a sketch of the full vehicle.

The new image reveals the shape of the EQ A as a sporty-looking three-door hatchback. A compact body is supported by oversized wheels, the rears pushed to the very corners of the car. We see the curves on the bottom of the grille echoed along the side of the vehicle, extending rearward past the door before arching up and forward in a dramatic boomerang shape. The side mirrors are downplayed — maybe just for the sake of the sketch, or maybe because they'll just be small camera elements on the actual concept car.

Not much else is known about the EQ A, but we wouldn't expect a production version for a few more years. There's still time for the concept to evolve a bit before the design is ultimately toned down for mass consumption.



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Many of the powertrain components, like the 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger and the DC-DC inverter, are all mounted on a big bracket that is sub-assembled and then lifted into place when building the van. The new Pacifica Hybrid will be made on the same.

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